Extensive experience in global project management as well as greenfield as existing projects makes us the partner to go to, in case of new projects or optimizations of existing farms.

The farm management system project helps to overcome the problems that prevail during Management of farms and eradicates the issues or reduces its intensity.

Every farm has different needs and size, so the project is developed, keeping requirements in view.

The primary objective of project is:

  • Provide different search facilities
  • Manage the cost optimization details
  • Manage and track crops information
  • Show the information in a descriptive manner
  • Increase the efficiency
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Edit, Add and Update functionality

Similarly, Dairy Farming is an agriculture class that focuses on grazing cattle and other animals for the production of milk and other dairy products.

The Dairy Farm Management Project works on three major factors that are Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

In this project, the focus is laid on topics ranging from milking Management to dairy farm planning.

Another major factor that needs focus in the case of dairy farming is Silage.

It is a staple forage that exists in dairy farms. Proper Management is required to produce efficiently, harvest, pack, store, and feed silage.

In comparison with Hay, Silage tends to increase nutrients yield, decrease the cost of feed, lower harvest losses, and increase the quality of forage.

To reap all the benefits, proper silage management is required. If poor practices are followed, it results in lousy milk quality, more health problems, and poses more risks.

Silage Management focuses on lowering pH levels to boost the proliferation of functional lactic acid bacteria, and forage additives is one of the best tools to improve Management.

Silage Inoculants is one of the most widely used additives, and they are of two types, namely Homofermentative and Heterofermentative. It helps to improve animal performance, DM recovery, and a tool to reduce the losses occurring due to dry matter.

Silage Plastics are used in farms for different purposes, especially to cover the equipment, bunker, AG bag, etc.

The problem arises when you look for its disposal and different options that farmers follow are burial on-farm, controlled landfill sites, recycling, incineration, and reuse.

There are many companies and suppliers around who focus on Animal health nutrition and provide the solutions to maintain the health of animals and help you get efficient production.

The products contain enzymes that boost gut health and improve feed and probiotics to improve overall gut health.

When taking care of Animals, the focus is laid on different animal health parameters and issues like:

  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Veterinary diseases
  • Food Safety
  • Better Feed Additives
  • Strengthening of Gut Health
  • One Health
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Diseases of production
  • Hygiene

Coming to poultry there is the Poultry Farm Management System that is gaining popularity worldwide due to ease of use and all functionality available. It is developed according to the interests of both the integrator and farmer. The purpose of the system is to carry out all the activities in a systematic manner.

The system work on following mentioned steps:

  • Feed Record
  • Medicine Record
  • Bird Record
  • Labour Record
  • Expenses Record
  • EGG Record etc

The system advantages are its user friendly, backup facility, computer control, less paperwork, quickly generating reports, and so on.

For Ration Optimizer, Norfor is quite famous; it takes necessary steps to ensure optimization is done accurately.

A 4 step process is followed:

  • Create Herd Feedstuffs Table - Here, the analysis is done, prices are adjusted, and feedstuffs selection is made.
  • Adjust Ration Optimisation and Optimiser - Here the parameters and limits selection is done
  • Interpretation of the outcomes - In this Re-optimisation and color-coding is made
  • Print the outcome i.e., result

Other features are comparing the various feed rations available and its alternatives.

In Aquatic life also various issues occur like Streptococcus which is a bacteria that contains some species which cause severe diseases in aquatic animals.

Streptococcus in aqua causes a high mortality rate, and some outbreaks are chronic.

To prevent it, keep the following points in mind:

  • Maintain great water quality
  • Provide proper nutrition to fishes and other aquatic animals
  • Keep the environment clean
  • Quarantine new fish before adding it to the existing group

Another one is Mycorrhizal Fungi that is known to form intimate relationships with the roots of the plants to facilitate the two-way movement of nutrients. Mycorrhizal Powder is highly effective for crops and soil. You can reap the following benefits from it:

  • Better root growth and development of the plant
  • Increase uptake and movement of phosphate
  • Effective in eradicating conditions like stress, diseases, drought, etc
  • Enhance the quality of product and escalate immunity power of crop