Fortex Range: The sensible use of anti-biotics in live farming is a necessity. With the correct measures to protect the intestinal integrity and reduction of the bacterial challenges, animals can overcome many issues, without affecting health and economics. Fortex supports the animals with these challenges.

AMPLIO range: Improvement in FCR, Milk production and egg production is always a key point. The Amplio product range is based on gut modifiers, animal specified, which results in an overall improved production level without compromising animal health and welfare.

Digest Range: Improvement of the digestibility of the feeds supplied to the animals, results automatically in improved production parameters and lower bacterial contaminations.

Protivity: ruminants are notoriously inefficient in protein metabolism. Protivity modifies the ruminal fermentations, which results in decreased protein losses in the rumen. A significant reduction in needed protein supply can be achieved. This will benefit the environment and farm economics.

Lacto S: Energy supply for early lactation animals remains an issue. Providing the cows with ready available glucose and choline chloride has proven to be a very effective tool.

The challenges for the animals are large. A high production, feed-efficiency and decisions to reduce anti-biotic usage, ZnO and coccidiostat bans, makes that concept feeding is a key objective. Our team has developed a series of products to support the animals in these transitions

We are all about to improve your animal production, agriculture production and crop production. When we come in Animal productions, so there are so many type or animals and they all are having their different physic, so they need the feed and nutrition which is designed only for them. Like if we talk about pig so feed additive for pig should be designed according to its digestion and physic, we should not give them cattle feed additives or poultry feed additives or poultry phytogenic feed additives etc. We should give them feed supplements to create more meat on pigs, We should give them pig nutrition. Same thing for Dairy Cattle, We should give them only cattle feed additives or can say, only dairy cattle feeding and nutrition. Same thing will implement in chicken or chicken poultry farms, we have designed special chicken feed supplements, including phytogenic feed additives.

If you are having another animals so please don't think we are only dealing and consulting in Cattle, pig, fish, and chicken feed additives and nutrition. We are one of the best animal feed additives companies and proudly providing Animal Nutrition & Feed Additives for other animals.

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