The Analytics solution for Agricultural Domain is capable of predictive and period analytics to help Farmers and Consultants.

Big knowledge in Agriculture incorporates a nice scope as Agriculture is heavily obsessed with data. Agriculture Analytics within the variety of the success rate of fertilizers during a explicit piece of land for a shortly to be launched fertilizing product is of importance. Agriculture knowledge may well be data regarding the success of a particular crop during a given geographical climate. Such info are often significantly of interest to farmers, Agricultural corporations, and Agriculture consultants. However, info exchange is very restricted for of these parties because of the subsequent problems:

Consultants to guide Farmers relating to new technology and Agriculture Analytics are restricted particularly in remote areas.
Agriculture corporations manufacturing fertilizers and alternative agricultural product resort to physical testing before they launch the products. The results from such tests don't seem to be terribly reliable since the trials turn up during a specific atmosphere and don't take under consideration alternative varieties of geographical conditions.
Many Farmers have restricted data of Agriculture knowledge and methodologies of farming. because of this agricultural productivity remains restricted.

Business resolution

At Gowitek we've developed a Mobile and Web-based IoT Application that may solve the on top of issues by providing an Organized crop-planning and method management platform:

1. It permits farmers to research crop health in period. With secure electronic communication channel between consultants and farmers, assistance is promptly offered to farmers, thereby reducing injury to the crops.

2. It additionally permits Consultants to achieve bent as several farmers as attainable.

3. the massive knowledge in Agriculture therefore collected from such interactions relating to crops, weather, terrain, geographic conditions, water and a lot of is hold on and processed. This results in the analytics a part of our resolution. By process this knowledge, the applying are going to be able to assist:

A. Agriculture corporations relating to the possible success of product in numerous markets.

B. Farmers regarding the success of various crops, the prognostic impact of natural conditions, etc.

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