Crop Productions is a manner wherein a types of crops are grown for multiplication underneath various forms of methods like natural farming,natural farming, conventional farming etc..I.E. If maize corn crop is to be grown& produced seeds are sown with nourishing inputs & corn is elevated in bulk quantity.
It's a branch of agriculture challenge with the concepts practices of crop cultivation, it includes theoretical standards and applied practicals elements of the manufacturing of meals and different human and animals necessity

Food must be produced within the big scales.

When the plants of the same kind are cultivated in a single particular place is called as a crop.

A wide kind of plants are grown in distinctive components of our country. The range in India results in a two broad classification of cropping

Kharif Crops:

The crops which are grown inside the rainy season are known as as kharif plants i.E, from June to September. The kharif vegetation can be Paddy, maize, soyabeen, groundnut and cotton.

Paddy can not be grown in Winter season as it requires loads of water.

Rabi Crops

The plants grown in the iciness season (october to march) are called as rabi vegetation.

Ex: wheat, gram, pea, mustards etc.

Cultivation of crops involves numerous sports as follows

practise of soil
Adding manure and fertilisers
protective from weeds

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