Crop Diversity

Earlier, Monoculture turned into the only practice used in the agricultural fields wherein only one type of crop was harvested and cultivated in a particular location. However, within the current world, Polyculture has come into the image in which different sorts of plants are harvested and cultivated as a way to meet the increasing crop demand and bring the specified soil microorganisms.

Soil Management

After the season of cultivation has been carried out, the soil loses its vitamins and becomes much less in quality. Rather than the usage of harmful chemical compounds to beautify this soil, natural agriculture focuses on imposing herbal ways to not most effective growth the health of soil however also maintain the character and human fitness unharmed. One of the nice examples to decorate soil is the usage of bacteria and potassium polyacrylate that is present in animal waste. This micro organism helps in making the soil vitamins extra productive; much better as compared to the chemical containing liquids.

Weed Management

“Weed”, in easy words, is nothing however the undesirable plant that grows in agricultural fields. However, in natural agriculture, there is more attention on suppressing the weed in preference to putting off it absolutely.

    The two most extensively used weed management strategies are:
  • Mulching – a method wherein plastic movies are used in an effort to block the boom of weed
  • Mowing and cutting – wherein there may be a removal of weeds’ top increase
Controlling different organisms

While positive organisms prove to be useful to the health of the agricultural farm, there are numerous others that impede the field. Hence, the boom of such organisms wishes to be controlled to guard the soil and crops. Out of the long list, the subsequent are the three maximum normally used and vital methods of controlling different organisms in organic agriculture:

  • Encouraging ladybugs, minute pirate bugs and other such predatory beneficial bugs that ceremonial dinner on pests and fly faraway from the farm
  • Using herbicides and pesticides which are natural or contain much less chemical
  • Proper sanitization of the entire farm in order to preserve it free from pests

There may be no better vicinity for the puppy animals to get sparkling air, meals and a high-quality exercising than the green farm. Since the entirety is desired to be in a herbal way, just like the animals have been used as labor in the sooner instances for plowing, natural agriculture encourages the usage of domestic animals to growth the sustainability of the farm.

Genetic Modification

Since organic agriculture encourages the usage of natural methods to enhance the farm, vegetation, and soil; there is a discouragement of genetically engineered animals and plants. Hence, genetic modification is stored out of this agriculture. However, there's an argument retaining in mind that the pollen present in such modified crops are present in the stock of seeds used for organic agriculture, making it impossible to hold this absolutely out of this agriculture.

Organic agriculture is being conducted by many nations with the rejection of the use of strategies and chemical compounds that damage animals, crops, soil, environment, or even human health. Hence, such a process of agriculture ought to be recommended because it acts as a protective defend to all the main elements that form the planet.

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