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"To be able to give a correct answer, we have to find the correct question". Together with our team of nutritionists and specialized veterinarians, our clients will receive detailed and professional support.
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Farm Analytics
Data analytics is a relatively new development in the agri-business. Due to our extensive experience globally, we are capable of analyzing any farm operation and give recommendations on management.
Animal feed additives
Project Management
Extensive experience in global project management as well as greenfield as existing projects makes us the partner to go to, in case of new projects or optimizations of existing farms.
What we do
what we do
Agriculture Production

High yields and environmental control in crop farming call for precise adaptations to local growing conditions. To improve the soil fertility the use of mycorrhiza can be beneficial.

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a green plant and a fungus. The plant makes organic molecules such as sugars by photosynthesis and supplies them to the fungus, and the fungus supplies to the plant water and mineral nutrients, such as phosphorus, taken from the soil.

Also high tech methods that include proximal sensing and signals from satellites can provide for controls that allow adjusting farming operations to small fractions of one ha and sometimes even down to some m2, hence in a site-specific mode.

Centurion has the know-how to support crop production to prepared for the future.

Animal Productions

Developments in breeding, nutrition and animal health will continue to contribute to increasing potential production and further efficiency and genetic gains. Livestock production is likely to be increasingly affected by carbon constraints and environmental and animal welfare legislation.

To support the producers to overcome the challenges we are convinced that Concept feeding is the key.

This reaches from pre-natal feeding to strategies to improve carcass and meat quality, without the use of anti-biotics.

About Us
About Us
Centurion has been established with a group of scientists, veterinarians and nutritionists in the animal nutrition industry. During our many years working with veterinarians, nutritionists and farm owners we have seen that in many cases the focus has been on finding a high technological solution for the challenges, for the highest economical outcome. Centurion is changing that..
Latest News
Protivity is launched and available
Protivity is launched and available
Enteric fermentation is a natural part of the digestive process of ruminants where bacteria, protozoa, and fungi contained in the fore-stomach of the animal (rumen), ferment and break down the plant biomass eaten by the animal. Plant biomass in the rumen is converted into volatile fatty acids, which pass the rumen wall and go to the liver through the circulatory system. This process is relatively inefficient, specifically for the Proteins. With Protivity we can improve the protein efficiency and thus reduce the amount of protein needed for the animal for an optimal production.

This helps the economical bottom line and the environment.

Metabolic programming with AMPLIO F
Metabolic programming with AMPLIO F
Maternal undernutrition or overnutrition during pregnancy alters organ structure, impairs prenatal and neonatal growth and development, and reduces feed efficiency for lean tissue gains in pigs. These adverse effects may be carried over to the next generation or beyond. Adequate know- ledge of the biology of swine is essential to understand-ing their nutrition and developing effective methods for improving their growth and survival.